Spotlight on Global Atlantic's Lifetime Foundation ELITE IUL


Global Atlantic's Lifetime Foundation ELITE IUL takes aim at the life expectancy market by offering a simple design, affordable premiums and market leading guarantee durations.  

The simple, affordable, secure Lifetime Foundation ELITE offers:

  • A competitive premium at full pay, ten-pay, and single pay scenarios, for age ranges 50-65
  • Death benefit guarantee to the earlier of age 90 or 40 years*
  • The elimination of policy charges after age 90, on a current, non-guaranteed basis**
  • Premium solves that typically allow for cash values to carry the policy to age 121 at a 6% rate of return
  • There are no "shadow accounts"
  • The ability to achieve cost of insurance discounts and lower overall cumulative premiums with the Wellness for Life Rider.
    • With this rider, clients have the ability to save on premiums over the life of the policy by simply going to the doctor every two years and maintaining their weight.
  • Accelerated Access Rider - with no upfront cost, this rider provides early access to a portion of the death benefit if the insured becomes chronically or critically ill.

No-lapse guarantee products are perceived to have some of the most inexpensive premiums in the marketplace for guaranteed death benefit protection to age 121.  However, Lifetime Foundation ELITE has premiums that compare favorably with NLG products for the same level of death benefit on a non-guaranteed basis, while offering a unique combination of guarantees and flexibility.  By matching competitor NLG premiums and using this product, there's significantly more flexibility and cash value potential.

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 for questions or illustrations to see how this product may work for your clients!



* For non-tobacco risk classes, standard or better, through age 75
** For issue ages under 76