Companion Life of New York to Discontinue Life and Annuity Sales


Companion Life of New York has made the decision to discontinue sales of life and annuity products in New York.  This decision does not impact the United of Omaha Life and Annuity product portfolio sales.

The following Companion of New York life products will be discontinued:

  • Income Advantage IUL
  • AccumUL Answers
  • AccumUL Plus
  • GUL Express
  • Term Life Express
  • Children's Whole Life
  • Living Promise Whole Life
  • Ultra Secure Plus Annuity
  • Bonus Flex Annuity
  • Ultra Income SPIA
  • Income Access SPIA

All Companion life and annuity applications must be received in the home office by Monday, March 5, 2018.  Applications involving replacements that are signed prior to March 5, 2018 will have an extended receipt deadline to provide time to complete all requirements associated with New York Regulation 60. All Companion life and annuity applications that are received by this date will continue to follow our standard underwriting procedures.

Please be assured pending applications will continue to be processed. The discontinuation of these products does not change  the company's commitment to servicing Companion Life inforce customers. AccumUL Answers will remain available in New York for term conversion only.

Please contact our BUA sales staff with any questions at 1-800-792-6795. We have other great products available in New York!