COVID-19 Treatment Covered with No Member Cost Sharing for COSE MEWA


As we continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus disease known as COVID-19, in partnership with Medical Mutual, the COSE Health and Wellness Trust (COSE MEWA) has decided to cover COVID-19 treatment with no cost sharing through May 31, 2020. Treatment includes hospitalizations and ground ambulance transfers for individuals with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. This applies to services provided by both in-network and out-of-network providers. In addition, Medical Mutual will permanently cover FDA-approved medications and vaccines when they become available. This is effective retroactively to the beginning of the COVID-19 national public health emergency declared by the US Department of Health and Human Services effective January 27,2020.

In addition, an Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) Bulletin 2020-05 mandates that Medical Mutual must cover all treatment related to COVID-19 diagnoses as emergency services effective March 20, 2020. This means services must be covered at the in-network benefit level regardless of whether the healthcare professional or facility is in our network. This bulletin applies to all fully insured groups, MEWAs and self-funded public entities.

As a reminder, Medical Mutual and the COSE Health and Wellness Trust were already covering testing for COVID-19 with no member cost sharing, per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act signed into law by President Trump on March 18, 2020. Testing covers the cost of the test, as well as the cost of the provider visit, which could include a telehealth (telemedicine), urgent care or emergency room visit, to determine whether the COVID-19 testing is required, and the visit to administer the test. This is a federal mandate, so groups are not able to opt out of this coverage.

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