Banner: Reintroducing the accelerated underwriting program in New York


Effective immediately, Legal & General America (Banner Life/William Penn) is pleased to announce that accelerated underwriting is once again available in NY through their AppAssist tele-application program. The revised accelerated underwriting program can speed qualified applicants through to approval with no medical exams, labs or APSs.

The AppAssist process can be started through Vive!

Classes: Preferred Plus NT, Preferred NT and Standard Plus NT

Key Benefits

  • No client checklist
  • No pre-screening
  • No changes to product pricing or policy fee
  • Better client experience
  • No medical exams, labs or APSs*
  • Qualifying applicants can be approved by the next business day or faster! 
  • One inch automatically added to client's height to potentially improve their underwriting rate class. 
  • Full commissions and quicker processing means getting paid faster. 
  • With eDelivery, policy activation could take place same-day.

*If the client does not qualify for accelerated underwriting, the case will be fully underwritten.

Banner wants to help you save time, save money and grow your business. Combining ease of doing business with our great low pricing creates a win-win for agents and clients.