Banner: Exam-Free Eligibility Up to $2 Million For Digital Application


Using Banner's digital application with its ultra-fast decisions, reduced cycle times, and greater flexibility will make life easier for you and your clients. Banner is excited to be expanding the ability for your clients to have more APS/exam-free approvals.

Starting October 7, 2021, Banner is increasing the face amount eligibility criteria for accelerated underwriting (AU) from $1M to $2M when using the industry-leading digital application. All other eligibility criteria will remain the same:

  • Ages 20-50, up to $2 million, any term duration
  • Standard Plus, including Preferred Tobacco or better

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For your clients, this means they will have more opportunities for an instant, exam-free decision. For advisors, this means faster payouts of commissions.

Your client doesn't qualify for AU?  

Banner's Lab Lift substitution program is another path to an exam-free experience (also up to $2M face amount) for those who don’t qualify for accelerated underwriting within the digital application.