A NEW fixed annuity featuring a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit


Now there’s a simple solution for lifetime retirement income! 

BUA has been hand picked by AIG to be one of 12 distributors of their Assured Edge Income Achiever℠ Annuity!  This product contains a revolutionary new design, featuring a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit to help clients generate more lifetime income without giving up access to their money.  And for annuity producers who avoid indexed annuities, this is a fantastic solution.

Assured Edge Income Achiever℠ makes it easy for clients to:

GUARANTEE retirement income—for life

  • The guaranteed lifetime income amount is established upfront so clients know TODAY exactly what their retirement income will be.
  • Clients have the flexibility to elect lifetime income now or in the future.

GROW future lifetime income based on a 7.0% income growth rate each year

  • An dollar income credit based on a 7.0% income growth rate is added to the guaranteed lifetime income amount EVERY YEAR that clients do not take any money out of their contract, until they elect to begin lifetime income withdrawals.
  • The longer clients wait to take any withdrawals—the more their future lifetime income increases.

PROTECT principal

  • Because Assured Edge Income Achiever℠ is a fixed annuity, your clients’ principal is protected, providing them with a greater sense of SECURITY. 

See for yourself! Use the web calculator to determine your clients' future income.  Please contact The BUA Annuity Team for more information!