NEW Anthem Advisor Cash MEWA Bonus


To get things started off right for 2020, Anthem is offering a new business bonus for new SOCA MEWA cases with a 1/1/2020 effective dates.  The sooner and cleaner you can get your cases in, the more you will earn! 

  • Paperwork received by 11/15/2019:  $80 payout per contract
  • Paperwork received by 11/30/2019:  $55 payout per contract
  • Paperwork received after 11/30/19:  $35 payout per contract

Program Details

  • New Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Benefit Plan (SOCA BP MEWA) groups sold with an effective date of January 1, 2020 are eligible
  • Bonus Payments are based on enrolled, not eligible, contracts/ subscribers
  • Sold case paperwork must be complete and accurate by receipt date*
  • Existing Anthem clients that transfer to the MEWA are not eligible for the bonus program
  • New contracts on existing groups are not eligible for the bonus program
  • Payout will be a one-time payment targeted for March/April 2020
  • Bonuses will be paid based on current Anthem commission and licensing contracts
  • Incentive payments will be disclosed and reported where required by applicable law
  • Anthem reserves the right to adjust future bonus amounts if groups are termed retroactively after the period’s bonus program calculations and payment have been made

Sell More, Earn More!

Nobody makes it easier to sell the Anthem SOCA MEWA than BUA.  If you have any questions, talk to BUA.



*Complete paperwork includes all sold case documents (see checklist) and final signed rates that reflect the final census