2021 Anthem Annual Rate & Census Reconciliation Process


The ARC data collection process via mewa.io has begun.  Anthem has created a series of references to outline how the ARC process will work, and how communication will be sent to participating employers. Please review the attached documents and share with your team.

Listed below are the documents that are attached to explain this process:

  •       ARC FAQs_Brokers: FAQs for brokers
  •       ARC FAQs_EE: FAQs for Employers
  •       ARC Form Process Emails: Scheduled ARC emails for brokers and employers that will be generated by mewa.io
  •       ARC Form Walkthrough: Emails and screenshots of ARC process on mewa.io
  •       Producer Guide Updates: Updates for the Anthem producers' guide
  •       ARC Form Fields and Help Text: Specific ARC fields and help text stored in mewa.io 

Employers will be emailed a link to their personalized portal in mewa.io.  As a reminder Mewa.IO is the digital MEWA management platform which collects and stores SOCA Benefit Plan ARC data. Some information will be prefilled into the ARC form. Employers will need to review the form for accuracy, make any necessary changes or updates, and click submit.  If employers have a question or need assistance completing the form, mewa.io will provide a link to request broker assistance. The collection period will end mid-March. Mewa.io will then submit completed forms to the plan manager.

Employers are also required to upload proof of chamber membership. Participating employers in the SOCA Benefit Plan are required to be an active member of an included chamber of commerce for eligibility in the plan. Failure to produce proof of chamber membership may result in plan termination.  As part of the ARC process, employers will be prompted to upload documentation to mewa.io.

The timeline will be as follows:

  • Feb 17-20: Employer email launch
  • Mar 1:       ARC Form reminder
  • Mar 19:     ARC Form due date

For any questions, please contact BUA.