New Select-A-Term Rates from American General


American General is starting 2020 out with good vibrations- and upcoming new Select-a-Term rates. As of February 1 2020, Select-a-Term gets even more competitive in some of the most popular issue ages and classes.The premium changes are a mix of increases and decreases, and some cells will be left unchanged.
In addition to new rates, there are changes to the product which include:

  • Discontinuation of the Term conversion credit
  • New Annual Renewable Term (ART) rates and changes to the ART design
    • Death benefit will have a one time reduction at the end of the level period
    • The first three premiums during the ART period will remain level with annual increases thereafter

State Approvals
Not approved in New York, where old rates will remain until state approval is obtained.  Look for future announcements regarding New York once approved.

Key Points & Dates

  • Revised product and premium rates are available 02/01/2020. New Rates will NOT be available to be quoted until 2/1/2020
  • Applications received in the Home Office before 02/01/2020 will automatically get the old product/rates unless the new product is specifically requested.
  • Any requests for pending applications received prior to 2/1/2020, to get the new product, must be made prior to policy issue or conditional issue.
  • Applications received in the Home office 02/01/2020 and later will  get the new product/rates.
  • Reissue requests to the new plan will NOT be honored


Please call us at 1-800-792-6795 should you have any questions regarding the new term rates.