John Hancock: UL Crediting Rates Increase - Again!


John Hancock is pleased to announce they are increasing the crediting rate on all of their Protection UL and Protection SUL policies — both new and existing — for the second time this year.

Once again, John Hancock's unique, alternative long duration asset (ALDA) investment strategy within their General Account, combined with their strong product design, enables them to share value with their customers.

Effective September 1, the crediting rate on Protection UL and Protection SUL policies will increase by another 20 basis points — resulting in a 50-basis-point increase within a six-month period:

  • John Hancock USA: 4.65% to 4.85%.
  • John Hancock NY: 4.40% to 4.60%

Illustration Software Update - Beginning September 1, new rates will be reflected on all platforms.  Regulations restrict illustrating new rates prior to their implementation.

Notification to Protection UL and Protection SUL policyholders

Begining September 1, 2022 new rates will be reflected on annual statements. Policyholders may request inforce illustrations that reflect this change prior to receiving their annual statement.

Please give us a call at 1-800-792-6795 if you have any questions or would like more information about these products!