Income Protection Solutions for Personal Needs

Image “Thanks to disability insurance, we were able to keep going. It was a lifesaver! You never know when this could happen to you. You could lose everything you’ve worked so hard for in the blink of an eye.”
-Jackie, Disability Insurance Claimant

These words sum up the essence of disability insurance – it saves people’s lives financially and helps protect their dreams. As a financial professional, you play an important role in helping your clients understand all the risks to their financial security and getting them the protection they need. After all, even the most solid financial strategy can crumble if the unexpected happens and proper protection is not in place.

This online guide is an interactive introduction to the disability income insurance solutions Business Underwriters Associates offers to help protect personal needs. It will help you learn more about the value of these solutions and how to approach your clients about protecting their personal income and ability to save for retirement.

As you proceed through this guide, think of qualified prospects and how you might approach these individuals. Then contact BUA for case design, sales and new business assistance.