What is Your Most Valuable Asset?

News Image 02-03-2014

People usually insure their homes, cars and lives, yet often donít think of insuring the one thing that provides for everything else Ė their income.

If income is disrupted by even a short term illness or injury, goals and retirement dreams can be jeopardized. When someone is too sick or hurt to work, everyday living expenses continue, such as: food, clothing, transportation, housing, insurance premiums, and funding for retirement or college education. Plus, there may be additional disability- related expenses for medical treatment, special equipment or assistance.

In the United States, a disabling injury occurs every second; a fatal injury occurs every 4 minutes.
-National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2010 Edition

Watch this short video to learn what could happen to your clients' financial foundation if they became too sick or hurt to work and could no longer earn an income. The video dispels the myths many people have for not purchasing income protection and will open your eyes on why this coverage is so critical.

BUA is here to help you succeed in the individual disability income marketplace. We have the knowledge, tools and resources to help you prospect, market and sell individual disability income. Contact your BUA Brokerage Sales Consultant for more information and a marketing guide for individual disability income.


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