AXA BrightLife Term: Now better than ever!

Effective November 10, 2014


AXA is excited to announce that new and improved BrightLife Term policies will be available for sale starting on Monday, November 10, 2014. Both BrightLife TermOne (1-year policy) and BrightLife Term Series (which includes ART, 10, 15 and 20 year policies) will now be part of the BrightLife suite of fixed product offerings.

So what’s new with BrightLife Term, besides the name?
• A bigger conversion credit! Clients who convert a BrightLife Term Series policy within the first five policy years will receive a 25% increase to the conversion credit that can be applied to the new permanent policy.
• Guaranteed rates for three years on BrightLife Annual Renewable Term (ART)! Current rates at the time of purchase will be guaranteed for the first three years.

BrightLife Term Series 151X will replace AXA Equitable Term Series 151X on November 10, 2014.
Term cases pending on November 10, 2014 and eligible recently issued cases will be extended their new enhancements on the AXA Equitable Term S151X policy. See transition rules section for more details.

Applications can be submitted beginning Monday, November 10, 2014.
Illustrations are available also on that date.

Please refer to the What's New Bulletin and the product PDFs for further information, or give us a call.



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