LFG Term Conversion Changes

News Image 05-01-2017

Lincoln announced changes in July, 2016 to its Term Conversion Guidelines. Since that time, they have continued to evaluate their Term Conversion Guidelines for policies with an effective date prior to September 12, 2016.

The following adjustments pertain only to convertibility options for Term products introduced prior to April 2007:

o In February, Lincoln introduced a current assumption UL product that in most cases will be the only conversion option available for policyholders with a Term product introduced prior to April 2007. The UL conversion product will be offered at a price that reflects the anticipated mortality risk of converted policies based on todayís pricing and risk-management standards. These affected older blocks of business were written through legacy insurance companies preceding the Lincoln/Jefferson pilot merger. The policies did not originally provide access to the breadth of todayís competitively priced, fully underwritten products in Lincolnís portfolio, which did not exist at time of sale. Thus the distinction between these generations and product access on Term Conversions.

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