Omaha: Improvements to Underwriting Guidelines

News Image 09-29-2016

As of October 1st, Mutual of Omaha is making some significant improvements to their underwriting guidelines on fully underwritten life insurance business, including:

  • Adjusting their build chart for Preferred, Standard Plus and Standard - allowing an average of 10 lbs more than their previous build chart.
  • Changing the occasional celebratory cigar limit from 12 cigars per year to 24 cigars per year.
  • Revising their Family History criteria by allowing Preferred Plus if a sibling has died of Cancer or Heart Disease.
  • Modifying their cholesterol ratio and blood pressure ranges for Preferred classes, without age restrictions.
  • Eliminating moving violations as part of the Driving Record criteria for all Preferred classes as long as the insured is not otherwise ratable (The requirement of no convictions for DWI, DUI or reckless driving within the last five (5) years still applies).

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