Transamerica Trendsetter® Portfolio Updates and Re-price

Portfolio Price Adjustments

News Image 06-27-2016

On June 25, 2016, the Trendsetter® term product portfolio is being re-priced to align with Transamerica’s strategic focus and to improve their competitive position within key customer markets. In particular, They’ve improved their rates for clients age 45 and under and Standard and Preferred Tobacco users. Significant improvements were made for the Trendsetter® Super policy with a face amount of $1 million and below.

The old premium rates and product specifications will remain in effect for the Trendsetter® LB in California and the Trendsetter Super in New York and the Virgin Island territories. The Trendsetter LB is not available in New York.

Transition Rules*

Applications signed and received through iGO or in the Cedar Rapids Administrative Office:
•by close of business on or before June 24, 2016 will receive the old premium rate.
•between June 25, 2016 and August 26, 2016 will automatically be issued with the base plan rates most favorable for the applicant.
•on or after August 27, 2016 will be issued with the new premium rate.

Underwriting Updates

•For ages 51-70, routine age and face amount Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are not required until $2,000,001
•For ages 71-80, routine age and face amount ECGs are not required until $500,001
•No routine stress testing (treadmill ECGs) are required at any face amount

Trendsetter® LB Approved in Massachusetts
Effective June 24, 2016 Trendsetter LB is approved in the state of Massachusetts. With this approval, the Trendsetter Express will no longer be available for sale



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