Help Your Clients Protect One of Your Most Valuable Assets

by Jim LaFleur

News Image 05-01-2014

If your clients get sick or hurt and can not work, who pays you?

Itís a good question. If your clients become too sick or injured to work, how are they going to pay their bills? What happens if they are unable to work for 90, 120, or 180 days or more? What would happen to your income if clients had to start using the assets you have under management to pay their bills?

Youíve worked too hard to build your practice to ignore this kind of a risk. Individual disability income insurance can be an ideal solution to help your clients protect their income (and yours as well). The team at Business Underwriters Associates can help you to identify the right prospects, teach you ways to approach clients, and help you handle any objections the client may have.

Help your clients protect one of your most valuable assets; their ability to earn a living. Give us a call at 1.800.792.6795 to discuss how you can leverage our experience, plan design expertise and carrier relationships to help integrate client income protection into your practice.

About the Author: Jim began his career at BUA in 1996 after graduating from Kent State University with a degree in Psychology. His work on memory mis-attributions has helped him design and implement stand-out marketing programs aimed at the needs of both insurance professionals and their clients. Jim is responsible for overseeing the health, annuity, disability and long term care sales operations at BUA as well as contributing to overall management of the company.

Even though his handicap does not reflect it, Jim is an avid golfer who loves to play any chance he gets.



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