Great American Safe Return Indexed Annuity

Competitive FIA product with optional riders

News Image 03-17-2014

A modified single premium fixed-indexed annuity with 10 year declining surrender charge, the Safe Return features a 10% free withdrawal in the first year and an account value death benefit. Additional differentiators include:

• Return of Premium Guarantee
• Bail-out Cap on Indexed Strategies
• Competitive caps and index strategies that earn interest tied to gains in the S&P 500;

Additionally, all of Great American’s fixed index annuities are available with the following three optional riders for an additional charge:

• Income Secure - A Guaranteed Income Rider with a 10% roll-up and 7 year roll-up period
• Income Sustainer Plus – Guaranteed Income and Death Benefit Rider
• Inheritance Enhancer – Guaranteed Death Benefit Rider, 9% roll-up and 10 year roll-up period

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