Fixed Annuities have S.T.Y.L.E.

News Image 08-29-2013

Fixed annuities represent billions of dollars in sales each and every year because advisors are presenting the benefits of multi-year guaranty annuities with S.T.Y.L.E.

The insurer guarantees interest rates for a set period of time whereby providing safety from market volatility. You client can be confident about future growth while saving for retirement.

Tax Deferal
Federal/ State taxes on earned interest do not have to be paid until the client withdraws the earnings. If your client is under age 59 ˝, they may incur a federal/ state income penalty if they make taxable withdrawals. Client should consult their tax advisor for details.

Provide a return to your clients equal to or better than other safe money places. As your clients age, it will be important for them to look for areas where they can earn a good return while preserving their hard-earned principal. Fixed annuities are a great answer for them.

Lifetime Income
Clients can receive a guaranteed income for life by choosing a lifetime annuity option. They do this to cover at least a portion of their essential expenses during retirement. With fewer people having a pension these days, it is up to individuals to create their own “paycheck for life”. You can help your client do this by recommending they choose an income annuity or convert an existing deferred annuity into an income plan.

Estate Planning
The accumulated value of an annuity is paid directly to the beneficiary (typically without withdrawal charges) and usually circumvents the expense, delay and frustration of probate.

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