What do I do with My Money Now?

It’s easy to make your clients’ money keep working by rolling it over to an annuity

News Image 12-31-2012

When They’re Moving On

Your clients have worked hard to grow their retirement savings. Each payday they made the conscious decision to build towards a secure and enjoyable retirement. Now they find themselves at a crossroads, and another conscious decision is required: “What do I do with that money now?”

While the lure of cash is surely tempting, consider the consequences:
• A cash payout will be subject to taxes
• If the client is under age 59 1/2, they may owe the IRS a 10% early-withdrawal penalty.
• They’ll lose the effect of interest compounding, which is money they earn on interest they have already earned.

When your client takes a lump sum distribution form a tax-deferred savings plan, they end up paying for that decision in numerous ways. They can dramatically reduce their long term earning potential and negatively impact retirement savings.

Rollovers Retain Momentum
When your clients put funds directly into another tax-qualified plan, like an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), they keep that money working for them rather than losing it to taxes and penalties. By rolling this money into another plan, their nest egg will retain its potential and keep growing. And the effect of compounding earnings is even more powerful when your clients have a larger account balance.

A fixed annuity may be just the solution to meet your clients’ financial needs. BUA offers a variety of annuities and options so you can select the one that fits their lifestyle and help achieve their financial goals. Help them transform their retirement dreams into reality with BUA. Contact your Brokerage Sales Consultant for more information, case design assistance and the latest rates.



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