Genworth is Launching ElementSM and Updating the Privileged Choice® Flex Coverage Selection Form in California

News Image 11-14-2016

On December 5, 2016, Genworth will launch Element, a long term care insurance solution
based on their flagship Privileged Choice® Flex product in California. Element features four
preset packages with only one decision to make: determine which level of protection your
clients want.

Element packages offer more affordable coverage options by focusing on smaller yet
meaningful coverage amounts with benefits that are optimized for home care. Each of the
four package options include:

• Informal Care
• Waiver of Premium
• Increase Coverage Option
• 1st Day Home Care
• 90 Service Day Elimination Period for Facility Care

The Shared Coverage benefit is an available option for couples. Element packages do
not qualify for Partnership in California.

We believe selling smaller, preset packages shouldn’t require the same amount of time
and effort as fully customizing larger plans. Element features one underwriting category
that helps expedite the new business process for you and your clients.

Now you can reach the middle market with affordable coverage that is easy to
understand, has minimal decisions to make, and expedites the process with streamlined

If you sell Element in other states, you may wonder about inflation protection. Since 2%
compound inflation is not available with Privileged Choice® Flex in California, inflation
protection is not included in the Element packages there.

Convenient Sales Tool
Element is easy to sell with the consumer brochure being your sales tool. The brochure
includes prequalification questions for your clients to review before proceeding. Element
premiums are included in the brochure so you don’t have to access the internet or
quoting software to get a monthly price for your clients.



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