iGoBUA Mobile Term Quote is Here!


After months of development, we are proud to launch the iGoBUA Mobile Term Quote. This powerful term life insurance quote engine allows you to quote wherever and whenever you need to!

To Get started with iGoBUA Mobile Term Quote, please follow the instructions below for either Apple or Android mobile products.

1. Click on https://mobile.ipipeline.com/quote/gaid/1836
2. Once the quote engine is opened you can save an icon on your mobile device by clicking add to home screen.
3. Make sure you wait till the icon loads before you click the add button.
4. You are set to go. You can now click on the icon on your device whenever you need to use it.

1. Click on the link for mobile quote https://mobile.ipipeline.com/quote/gaid/1836
2. Once at the homepage, clicked menu on the bottom of android phone and selected 'Bookmark' for the site
3. Once the bookmarked site is selected, another set of options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
4. Click on this icon-this will bookmark the site.
5. You will be asked if you want to change the name of the bookmark to something more simple-it's defaulted to 'Mobile Quote - powered by iPipeline.
6. If you want to keep the name like it is, then just select 'Ok' and you are finished.
7. To access the site next time simply open internet, go to bookmarks and select it from the list.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact BUA.



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