Transamerica Tips for Doing Business: Signatures, Dates, and Other Details

News Image 09-06-2012

To help avoid delays and ensure that applications are processed as quickly as possible, please keep in mind these helpful guidelines:
Application Remarks Section: Note any details to the processing or underwriting of the case on the cover sheet and/or remarks section of the application.

Application Amendment Form: Ensure the "Self-Health" application amendment form (APE 2-1008T) is thoroughly completed. If there have been no changes in health, write "none."

HIV Form: Should be dated on or before the blood is drawn, or a second blood draw will be needed.

Backdate to Save Age Form: If backdating to "save age," note this in the remarks section of the application, along with the age that should be saved. Submit a signed and completed "Backdate to Save Age" form with the application.

PAC Form/Voided Check: If paying by PAC, ensure form is filled out completely. Please include the account and routing numbers and the amount of premium to be withdrawn. A Voided Check would be helpful to have, but will not be required if the PAC information is complete. The PAC form may not be used for paying money with the application unless a conditional receipt is issued.



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