Inheritance Equalization: Donít Overlook this Golden Sales Opportunity

By Jack Wright

News Image 10-26-2014

Like most Insurance Producers, many of your clients are probably baby boomers with adult children, concerned about the fair distribution of wealth among their children in the event of their death. This is especially a concern for family owned businesses where inheritance equalization can be a challenging objective. You can provide a solution for your clients by offering them a life insurance plan that can add balance to their financial legacy.

Take, for example, a typical family business, where the majority of assets are tied up in the business. Often, one child will be very active in the business and will someday take over the operation while the other child has no interest in the business. This type of transition will create an inequitable distribution of assets among the siblings as the majority of the estate will be passed onto the child involved in the business.

A life insurance policy can provide an effective, affordable and immediate solution to equalizing an inheritance. The trick is to place a policy on the parents equaling the value of the business with the disinterested sibling the beneficiary. This approach provides a strategic solution and can ensure an equitable distribution of assets.

Take it from me, your business clients who are looking to resolve these types of issues, and will be very interested in talking to you about using life insurance to solve their need.



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