Principal Enhances Simplified Sales Program for Business Owners

News Image 04-15-2015

Principal Life Insurance Company is committed to providing you top-notch IDI product and services. Check out their recent enhancements below.

Enhanced Simplified Sales Program for Business Owners

Increased limits for "Combination" Simplified DI/OE. Business owners can now qualify for higher limits (was $10,000/month):

  • Up to $14,000/month for Simplified DI/OE
    • $4,000/month Simplified DI and $10,000/month OE

  • Up to $16,000/month for Simplified DI Multi-Life/OE
    • $6,000/month Simplified Multi-Life DI and $10,000/month OE
Key Person Replacement1 insurance is now part of the Simplified Sales program. Guidelines:
  • Up to $360,000 aggregate benefit
  • Maximum issue age of 50
Incorporating income protection into your practice does not have to be difficult. BUA offers a variety of income and business planning solutions from top carriers for a wide range of occupations. We provide advisor product and market training programs as well as full underwriting and policy service support.

Give us a call for more information on income protection solutions and tips on how to get started!

1 Not available in California. Not approved in all states. Contact BUA for details.



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