Nationwide YourLife NLG-UL Pricing Change

News Image 10-06-2016

Nationwide is committed to carefully managing their life product portfolio in order to remain a strong, stable carrier you can rely on. Given this commitment - and the historically low interest rate environment - they are changing the pricing on their Nationwide YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee UL (NLG-UL), effective November 7, 2016. Target premiums are not changing. Also, the Nationwide YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee Survivorship UL II (NLG-SUL II) is not changing.

For new business with a specified amount of $1million, you can expect the following rate changes, on average:

Level Pays:

  • Ages 55-75: 0%-10% increase (declining to 0% as the age nears 75)
  • Younger than age 55: 10% or more increase.

10 Pays:
  • Ages 55-75: up to 5% increase
  • Younger than age 55: up to 10% increase

Single Pays:
  • 8-10% increase across all ages

* Actual rate changes will vary based on risk class, age, pay pattern, specified amount and other factors, and the percentage change may be more than the examples shown above.

Important Dates:

November 4, 2016
• Last date to receive the old pricing on Nationwide YourLife® NLG-UL.
• "In Good Order" applications must be signed by November 4 and received by Nationwide no later than November 14, 2016.
• Illustration software will be updated to reflect the new pricing.

November 7, 2016
• Pricing change becomes effective for new business.




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