Introducing the MetLife Promise Whole Life SelectSM Products

News Image 04-08-2013

On April 29, 2013, MetLife will introduce three additional products to its MetLife Promise Whole Life Portfolio. You will now have the ability to meet additional client needs such as:

• The ability to pay for guaranteed lifetime protection on a guaranteed limited pay basis. Clients will have three durations to choose from:

o 10 years with MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10SM
o 20 years with MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 20SM
o Age 65 with MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 65SM

• Cash value that may accumulate more quickly than policies that have longer premium payment durations. When policies are properly structured1, this cash value accumulation may be used for things such as:

o Supplemental retirement income
o College education funding
o Estate liquidity
o Business continuation planning needs

• Traditional whole life benefits, such as:

o Guaranteed death benefit
o Guaranteed cash values that grow each year, tax-deferred
o Guaranteed level premiums for the life of the policy-regardless of future changes to client’s age or health
o The Enricher®, which allows clients to increase life insurance protection and cash value and inject premium flexibility
o The potential to receive non-guaranteed dividends, which will enhance the cash value and death benefit


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