Income Protection Matters: Principal Simplified Issue Programs

News Image 04-22-2015

Simplified underwriting for income protection insurance helps you close business faster. It streamlines and accelerates the underwriting process allowing your clients, under age 50, to purchase up to $4,000 of monthly income replacement with:

  • NO blood, urine, EKG, APS or prescription history check

  • NO financial verification (for annual incomes up to $150,000)

  • ALL other policy features and riders are available

  • CAN use information as part of simplified issue Life insurance program

  • FULL agent commissions

Incorporating income protection into your practice does not have to be difficult. BUA offers a variety of income and business planning solutions from top carriers for a wide range of occupations. We provide advisor product and market training programs as well as full underwriting and policy service support.

Give us a call at 1.800.792.6795 and let us know how we can put this program to work for you!



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