Introducing Prudential's PruFast Track Underwriting

News Image 02-13-2017

Prudential is pleased to announce that during the first quarter of 2017 they will begin rolling out an enhanced underwriting process called PruFast Track. PruFast Track will be available for the majority of the products in our Term and Permanent portfolio, for clients who are between ages 18 and 60 and applying for face amounts between $100,000 and $1,000,000 (some restrictions may apply). Your client must go through our Tele-Underwriting process to be eligible.

This process is designed to shorten underwriting cycle time by eliminating exams, fluid samples, and Attending Physician Statements, for many of your healthy clients. As a result, for those who qualify, the application process will be less intrusive and the cycle time, from application receipt to underwriting decision will be reduced significantly.

As a result of this new process, Prudential has made a revision to their "Important Notice About Your Application for Insurance" disclosure to notify your clients of this new process. They are working closely, on a firm-by-firm basis, to identify the optimal timeline for the introduction of PruFast Track.

If you have any questions about the PruFast Track process including eligibility requirements and when it may be available in your firm, please contact your Prudential Life Wholesaler.



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