How to Sell Disability Insurance at the Life Insurance Point of Sale

Strike While the Iron is Hot!

News Image 05-08-2015

Youíve already helped the client see the need to protect their family with life insurance. Now, you only need to make an adjustment to your sales conversation to talk about disability income protection. Here are three conversation starters to help you do that:

1. Tell Real Life Stories.
On any given day, local newspapers report on real-life events that dramatically alter peoplesí lives. It might be a car accident or catastrophic illness. Reporters describe how these events affect the family. Where are they living now? How are they paying for their expenses? Start collecting these stories to educate clients and help put the need for disability income insurance in perspective. Stories illustrate disability and premature death are real events in familiesí lives. If you havenít already, as you build your practice, begin to collect stories and testimonials from your own client base. You can use these stories with your clients to help shed light on their personal need for income protection.

2. Conduct Annual Reviews.
Make a list of your clients who have life insurance but no coverage for disability. Similarly, you could run a report of client with disability but no life insurance. You already have a relationship with these individuals and can use your annual review to address this additional need. Help you client gain perspective on whatís at stake when their income isnít protected.

3. Take Ownership Yourself.
How would you respond to a client who asks which life or disability plan you have? It only takes one lost sale to know you need to have your own plan in place. Share compelling statistics to help show whatís at risk if an illness or injury keeps your client from working and earning a paycheck.

Life and disability should be the foundation of your clientís financial plan. Guiding your client to look at the big picture helps put the need for both life and disability income protection into perspective for them. According to LIMRA, the primary reason why people havenít bought disability income insurance is because their agent never asked them. Take the next step now to grow your business. Talk to your clients about their life and disability insurance needs today.

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