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Protective Income Builder

News Image 08-31-2015

Protective Life Insurance Company is excited to announce our newest retirement income solution, the Protective® Income Builder Fixed Indexed Annuity. This new product will be available for sale beginning August 31, 2015 and will include the Rising Income Benefit, a new, protected lifetime income withdrawal benefit exclusively available with Protective Income Builder.(1) As the expenses of retirement rise over time, your clients need an option to help cover higher costs and maintain their financial plans. Protective Income Builder is designed for clients who want higher potential returns, downside protection and increasing income, which can last a lifetime. This fixed indexed annuity can help your advisors offer:

Contract Value Growth in a Variety of Market Scenarios

Protective Income Builder offers four interest crediting strategies for growth in a variety of market scenarios—one fixed and three indexed. Strategy allocation is chosen at the time of application and may be adjusted upon each contract anniversary.

Fixed: Amounts allocated to this strategy earn a fixed rate of interest that is credited daily, as determined in advance upon each contract anniversary

Indexed: Amounts allocated to these strategies earn interest in arrears based, in part, on the performance of the S&P 500® Index (excludes dividends)

  • Annual Point-to-Point: Credits interest when market index performance is positive—up to a maximum of the interest rate cap in effect for that year
  • Annual Tiered Rate: Credits a base interest rate when market index performance is flat or positive and a performance interest rate enhancement when positive market index performance reaches a specified performance tier
  • Annual Trigger Rate: Credits a predetermined trigger interest rate when market index performance is flat or positive

When market index performance is negative, no interest is credited from the indexed strategies for that year.

Enhanced Growth Potential and Increasing Income

The Rising Income Benefit offers enhanced benefit base growth potential now with guaranteed increasing income for later. Our protected lifetime income benefit can help your clients meet their retirement planning needs with:
  • A Roll-Up Interest Multiplier of 200% that offers the potential for annual benefit base growth by twice the amount of interest credited for the first 10 contract years or until benefit withdrawals begin (if earlier)
  • Increasing annual withdrawals of 4.0% – 7.5% from ages 60 to 95 (based on attained age of the youngest contract owner)
  • Guaranteed lifetime withdrawals even if contract value falls to zero

Flexibility for the Unexpected
If unexpected events occur, clients have the option to access their contract value with the Nursing Facility/Terminal Illness and Unemployment Waivers—without the burden of withdrawal charges.(2)

State Availability
Protective Income Builder is available in all states except New York and the District of Columbia. Additional approvals will be communicated as they are received.

NAIC Required Annuity Training
NAIC annuity training is required prior to the sale of this product and is accessible online at The code for this course is FIA-PIB. Please see the
NAIC Required Training for Protective Annuity Products NAIC Required Training for Protective Annuity Products communication for more details.

(1) The annual cost for the Rising Income Benefit is 1.00%. The cost is deducted from contract value monthly as a percentage of the benefit base.

(2) Certain qualifications must be met to receive benefit. May not be available in all states and state variations may apply.



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