Companion Life Introduces Critical Illness Plan


Companion Life introduces a guaranteed issue, Voluntary Critical Illness plan for groups of 5 or more. Priced VERY competitively, Companion Lifeís new plan pays a tax free, lump sum cash benefit to insured employees upon the first occurrence, and even recurrence, of a covered critical illness. These benefit dollars may be used to help replace lost income, travel, child care, medical deductible and other uncovered expenses.

Introducing 5-Year Age Lock for Voluntary Critical Illness
With this unique approach from Companion Life, each group participant has his or her age frozen for five years from the groupís initial effective date. All future age bracket increases occur at five year intervals Ė on the groupís 10th year renewal, 15th year renewal, 20th year renewal, etc.

Companion Lifeís Voluntary Critical Illness Plan is a great addition to any groupís employee benefits platform. For more information on Companion Lifeís Voluntary Critical



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