United of Omaha's NEW Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke product

To release September 7, 2016

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On September 7th, 2016 Mutual of Omaha will be releasing a new Cancer portfolio: New Beginnings in Massachusetts. New Beginnings is a cancer, heart attack, and stroke insurance policy that provides a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis.

The New Beginnings portfolio is a simple concept- it pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a covered condition. This money can then be used in any way your client chooses such as:

*Medical/Non-medical expenses
*Paying for health insurance deductibles
*Travel costs if they need to receive treatments
*Replacing their income while they are unable to work

There are two products within the New Beginnings portfolio. Your clients can choose between a cancer policy or heart attack and stroke policy. New Beginnings will be a great addition to your product portfolio and can increase your opportunity for collateral sales!

Features with New Beginnings:

*Coverage types- Cancer, heart attack or stroke, or both
*Benefit amounts from $10,000-$50,000 payable upon diagnosis
*Issue ages of 18-99 for lifetime and 18-54 for term
*Individual, Individual plus child/children, or family coverage options


The New Beginnings portfolio has the following underwriting criteria:

*Express underwriting
-The application contains four to eight “yes or no” knock-out health questions (depending on coverage applied for)
-The height/weight chart will be required for the heart attack and stroke base policy and rider
*Auto-issue- If a client answers “no” to all the knock-out health questions, meets the height/weight eligibility requirements and the application is in good-order, the policy will be automatically issued

You will be able to reference the New Beginnings Product and Underwriting Guide (36808) for any other rules, criteria, underwriting guidelines, and uninsurable health conditions you may need to know.

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