Principal Improves Business Owner Upgrade Program for Disability Income Protection

News Image 06-04-2015

Anyone who owns and operates a business deserves to be rewarded. To make it easier for business owners to qualify for our best Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) rates, Principal Life Insurance Company has changed how they classify business owner occupation classes. In most cases, business owners receive higher occupation classes than before which lead to lower rates.

Do you have clients who might qualify for higher occupation classes and lower rates? Keep this checklist in mind when you're helping a business owner obtain coverage from Principal Life - a leader in the business owner market.

  • Ownership Percentage
  • Years in Business
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Income
  • Job Duties
As a financial professional, you plan an important role in helping your clients understand all the risks to their financial security and getting them the protection they need. BUAís relationship with carriers like Principal make is possible for your easily incorporate income protection into your practice.

Contact BUA for more information on Principalís portfolio of income protection products for individual and business needs.



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