Prudential Product Changes & Transition Rules

News Image 09-09-2016

Prudential is making some product changes for their GUL, Survivorship GUL, Benefit Access Rider and the Founder's Plus UL.

UL Protector

  • Level pays will increase approximately 1%.
  • Short pays will generally increase between 1% and 5%.
  • Single pays through 5-pays will increase approximately 5%.

Prudential is adding a 4% option to BAR on the UL Protector. This option is ONLY available with the new pricing (in approved states).

SUL Protector
  • Standard increase of 3% across all pay scenarios.

Founders Plus UL

Founders Plus now offers improved guaranteed cash values. This was done by lowering guaranteed charges after year seven. Stronger guaranteed values can offer a more compelling option for those clients who are concerned with the uncertainty of the future.

Further product details and transition rules can be found in Related Resources.



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