One America- Asset-Care« base premium rates changing as of July 1, 2016

News Image 06-09-2016

As an industry leader, OneAmerica« is committed to maintaining a rational and sustainable approach in managing the Care Solutions product line for the long term. It is imperative that they make responsible decisions to ensure their products remain priced appropriately to continue to meet the needs of the consumer as well as their distribution partners. In response to the current and recent interest rate environment, they are increasing the base premium rates* for Asset-Care« as of July 1, 2016.

Products affected include Asset-Care I, Asset-Care II/III (life policy) and Asset-Care IV.

This change only impacts new business. All existing in-force policies are not affected, as all premiums are contractually guaranteed to remain unchanged for the life of the policy.

The guarantees provided by Care Solutions will remain unchanged:

ĽAll premiums are contractually guaranteed.
ĽAll products and options will continue to be available.
ĽNo adjustments are being made to issue ages.
ĽNo changes are being made to producer compensation rates.

Transition rules:
ĽAll business submitted/received no later than Thursday, June 30 and fully funded no later than Wednesday, August 31 may use the pre-July 1 rates.
ĽAll other new business will receive the new July 1 rates going forward.



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