Income Protection for the Real World: Meet Bob

News Image 07-20-2016

About two years ago, Bob got very sick and was not able to work for several months.

Thankfully, during a routine life insurance policy review a few years prior to his illness, Bobís advisor asked him about income protection, and his plan to take care of his day to day expenses should he be unable to work due to an accident or injury.

At the time, Bob was 37 years old, working in the communications industry making $65,000 a year, and in great health. His employer did not offer a group disability program, and Bob really did not see the value in purchasing coverage. He thought it was expensive, and not likely to happen to him.

Bobís advisor, having recently written his own disability income protection coverage through BUA, reminded Bob his ability to earn a living was his single, most valuable asset. For Bob not to protect it meant there was a very large hole in his financial plan.

Once Bob realized there was a component missing from his familyís financial plan, he took action and purchased a disability income protection policy.

Bobís Advisor called BUA to help design and implement an income protection program to meet his clientís financial goals and budget. We made it easy for Bobís advisor, who specializes in other types of insurance, to design, sell and underwrite a policy customized to Bobís protection needs.

Waiting Period: 90 Days
Monthly Benefit: $3,250
Benefit Period: To Age 65
Annual Premium: $1,100

When Bob got sick, the policy was there for him. So even though he was not working, Bob was able to pay his bills without jeopardizing his familyís lifestyle or financial security. Today, Bob is healthy and a very happy man.

Take Action Today!
Unfortunately, most people donít realize how important income protection is until itís too late - after they become too sick or hurt to work. Call BUA before your next appointment. We offer a variety of income and business planning solutions from top carriers for a wide range of occupations. Let us help you grow your business by incorporating disability income protecting into your business.



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