APPcelerate - Banner's Automated Underwriting Eligibility Program

Eligible clients may be approved without exam, labs, or APSs!

News Image 04-13-2017

It's well known that Banner's tele-application program, AppAssist, improves and streamlines the life application process for advisors and customers. Advisors drop a simple ticket, and AppAssist takes over the administrative burden of application fulfillment and case management. This gives you more time for marketing, finding new clients and matching their needs with the right amount of coverage.

Now, qualifying applicants who utilize AppAssist can possibly be underwritten without the need for medical exam, labs, or APSs! To determine if your client could be eligible for APPcelerate, Banner has provided guidelines.

Qualifying applicants can be approved by the next business day or faster!
If the client does not qualify for APPcelerate, the case will be fully underwritten.

Please keep in mind, clients who meet the program parameters are not automatically approved for lab-free underwriting. Many factors are taken into consideration during the interview, including scores from third-party data sources, as well as medical and personal histories. This information will determine whether we can approve an application through APPcelerate or process it via traditional underwriting.

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