Forethoughts Two New Fixed Index Annuities *UPDATE*

ForeFreedom Savers and ForeSpending Select

News Image 07-30-2015

UPDATE-As of Monday, September 28, the following new state approvals become effective: AK, CO, IA, IN, LA, MA, MD, MN, NH, NV, OH, OK, OR, MS, TX, NJ, PA, VA and WA.

Two new ways to help your clients SAVE & ACCUMULATE for retirement

On July 27, 2015 Forethought introduced two new fixed index annuities designed to meet your clients' retirement needs. ForeFreedom Savers™ is designed to help your clients save for retirement with five interest crediting methods. ForeSpending Select™ offers the same great benefits, with a guaranteed lifetime income benefit (GLIB) and an optional premium bonusą to help your clients grown and protect their retirement income.

ForeFreedom Savers Fixed Index Annuity

• Premium amounts from $5,000 to $1 million for ages 0-80.
• A consumer-friendly, pure accumulation product, with no additional rider costs.
• Clients have the freedom to choose from five crediting methods - a competitive fixed rate declared annually and credited daily, three options based on the performance of the S&P® 500 Index, and one based on Barclays ARMOUR II Volatility Control Index (Formally known as Barclays ARMOUR II Gross USD 7% ER Index.
• Interest crediting will never go below 0%.
• Clients can access their money at any time during the contract term by making a withdrawal.2
• Death benefits transfer contract value directly to the beneficiary.

ForeSpending Select Fixed Index Annuity

ForeSpending Select fixed annuity has the same features as ForeFreedom Savers, plus:
• Premium amounts from $10,000 to $1 million for ages 55-80.
• Clients may choose to include a 7% Premium Bonus.1
• Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefit3- The GLIB rider guarantees regular payments for the owner's lifetime, even if the account balance goes to zero, assuming no excess withdrawals. This helps ensure income that is never outlived, and may be beneficial for owners who want guaranteed income throughout their retirement.

ForeFrontTM Series Important Information: In our ongoing effort to streamline the product portfolio, and in consideration of the many benefits available in the new ForeFreedom Savers and ForeSpending Select plans, we have decided to discontinue the ForeFront series of indexed annuities in states where the new products are approved. We will continue to accept ForeFront Series applications in initially launched states until Friday August 7th. Any ForeFront applications received after August 7th will be returned unprocessed. All ForeFront applications pending will continue to be processed until issued. As the new products are released in additional states, similar treatment will be applied, allowing two business weeks from the launch date to continue acceptance of ForeFront applications in those states.



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